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12 November 2006

So this is where they all went

Floppy handbagSeen at Popgadget, the ideal gift for the geek girl in your life: a big, floppy bag made from real floppies. A dozen of them, in fact, mounted on a black vinyl liner, which contains various pockets on the inside and a removable magnetic latch on top. For those who read hangtags, here's what this one says: CARRY YOUR STUFF IN GEEK-CHIC STYLE WITH A PURSE MADE FROM TWELVE (12) GENUINE 1.44 MB COMPUTER DISKETTES. ALLOCATE INTERIOR POCKETS TO MANAGE INTERNAL FRAGMENTATION. TOTAL AVAILABLE MEMORY: 17.28 MB. Now all I need is a geek girl. [sigh]

Posted at 11:12 AM to Entirely Too Cool , PEBKAC

at a truck stop somewhere, I saw a purse made of old record albums. One one side was about 70% of the original cardboard cover and on the other was the real LP, cut down square and riveted. The one I seen was the Eagles Greatest Hits.

Good place for them if you ask me... ;)

Posted by: Greeblie at 11:58 AM on 12 November 2006

You want a geek girl? Why didn't you say so? I will sell you my patented Floppy Disk Disco Medallion that is worn under a silk, half-unbuttoned shirt.

It reflects the disco ball glitterings at any night club and also sends cryptic signals to the technically oriented females who check their email right after every sex act.

Guaranteed to work, Dirk!

Posted by: Vaspers the Grate at 3:07 PM on 12 November 2006

Wait a minute. Those disks don't flop.

Posted by: Dwight at 4:33 PM on 12 November 2006

Indeed, Dwight. Indeed.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 9:27 PM on 12 November 2006