The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

14 November 2006


David West is sidelined for a couple of games, and while losing your leading scorer always hurts, five minutes and 43 seconds into the game, the score was Peja Stojakovic 20, Charlotte Bobcats 17. Seriously. Peja knocked down the Hornets' first twenty points, and wound up with 22 for the first quarter, a team record. Despite this, the quarter ended deadlocked at 34, and the Bees couldn't open up a big lead: it was 55-52 at the half, and the Bobcats stayed close until the last couple of minutes, when the Hornets pulled away for a 94-85 win.

And it's a good thing Peja was showing those mad skillz — 42 points, a career high, and six boards — because the rest of the starters (Brandon Bass started in West's slot) weren't scoring much, though Chris Paul dished up ten assists and Tyson Chandler, before departing with two minutes left after taking an elbow to the jaw, had 15 rebounds. The Hornets' bench, a relatively quiet place the last few games, made some serious noise, pulling down 38 points: in fact, besides Peja, the only Hornets in double figures were Bobby Jackson (14) and Jannero Pargo (10).

The Bobcats were no slouches: Emeka Okafor snagged 25 points and pulled 16 boards; Sean May, off the bench, scored 18 and got 12 rebounds; rookie sensation Adam Morrison scored 21 for the second time in his brief career.

West won't make tomorrow's game at Detroit; Chandler, who suffered a mild concussion, is doubtful. The Bees are now 5-3.

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