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20 November 2006

Strange search-engine queries (42)

People search the world over for the secrets of Life, The Universe, And Everything, and somehow they manage to wind up here, where they become grist for my snark mill.

what kind of car is tsuru:  It's a Nissan compact which is sold in the US as the Sentra, except on the Upper East Side of New York, where it's called the Tsuris.

are dust particles included in the life support system of living things:  Only the ones that breathe.

when is man ready to propose marriage?  She'll let him know.

miracle whip is solvents:  So that's why it soaks through the bread.

can sodium hydroxide mask cocaine in urine test:  But ... but that would be a lye.

southwest airline pilot stacy sexual reassignment surgery:  Insert "cockpit" joke here.

totally nude aerobics by ron harris:  After about three jumping jacks, he'll wish he had a cup on.

what does a pre-catalytic converter do:  Cost you twelve hundred dollars when it fails.

Penis Size Desired By Women:  I assume so, yes.

"maureen dowd makes":  No compelling argument for TimesSelect.

affordable mansions to rent in nj:  If it's affordable, it's not really a mansion, is it?

what are simmons steak knives worth:  Only $19.95. But wait! There's more!

a good slogan for berkelium:  "Despite our name, we're in the middle of the periodic table."

vendetta typeface substitution:  Verdana would work, but Trebuchet has the belligerent quality you're looking for.

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""maureen dowd makes": No compelling argument for TimesSelect."

Heh. No argument from me - I am so not interested in paying for her snark.

Posted by: Jeffro at 7:38 PM on 20 November 2006