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3 November 2006

Stuff received (Friday)

In the waning days, it's a GOP blitz. Here's what showed up today:

  • A Trebor Worthen trifecta: three items from the Republican State Leadership Committee, all touting Worthen's tax stances — and all citing the same bill: HB 1172, which scissored the top end of the income tax and repealed the estate tax. The RSLC's mailer, Targeted Creative Communications, Inc., has yet to figure out that there have been three owners of this house since the one to which these items were addressed.

  • Another RSLC card, magazine-sized: "Oklahoma State House Republicans: They did what they said they would do." See the previous item for address concerns.

  • Two cards from Cliff Branan in what appears to be somebody's handwriting. (If it's a font, it's a good one; seldom do any two iterations of the same letter look alike.) One of these is actually addressed to me.

Question to the readership: Should I include items which due to mail delays didn't show up until Election Day or after? Or should I knock this off after Monday evening?

Posted at 5:14 PM to Political Science Fiction

I think it would be perfectly amusing to learn who didn't manage their mailing properly.

For my part, I got three different mailers for the same GOP candidate/against the same Dem opponent on the same day. It's a shame for them my Republican wife voted a week ago, while I hate the GOP candidate in that race.

Posted by: Joel at 11:08 PM on 3 November 2006

Of course you have to keep it going. How else will we know how much money they've wasted?

Posted by: Dwight at 10:08 AM on 4 November 2006