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4 November 2006

Stuff received (Saturday)

It's yet another GOP blitz, with basically the same mailing issues they've had before (see prior installments), and these items fall into three general categories:

  • Cliff Branan (positive): "Why We Believe Cliff Branan is a Great State Senator," with paragraphs by seemingly everybody from David Boren to the owners of Bennett's Decal and Label. Two copies received.

  • Trebor Worthen (positive): A handwritten card similar to the one I got from Branan yesterday. I don't think the text was machine-generated, and I note in passing that Worthen's penmanship is worse than Branan's, though still far better than mine.

  • Trebor Worthen (negative): This was the first look I've had at the "misleading and untrue allegations" Dana Orwig says Worthen has made. The most obvious problem with the list is that Worthen provides a source for only one of four alleged Orwig statements, and makes an unwarranted extrapolation from that one: one's position on medical marijuana is not an infallible indication of one's position on other proscribed drugs. (And that source, incidentally, is the 2006 Libertarian Candidate Survey, which Worthen apparently couldn't be bothered to take himself.)

On these mailing matters: Assuming that these addresses are obtained from voter-registration records of some sort, I'm wondering if maybe Mrs T (not her real initial), who lived here until 1997 or so, is still listed on the rolls at this address. Maybe I'll ask a staffer at the polling place on Tuesday if she's still in the book. (Better yet, maybe I'll ask Don Danz to come down and vote on her behalf.)

Addendum, 1 pm: As the block captain for the Neighborhood Association, I deliver the monthly newsletter on my block, and as I made the rounds today, I noticed a couple of flyers that had beaten me to the front doors. Here's what I found:

  • A card with Dana Orwig's photo and a sticker giving the location of the polling place.

  • A pair of sheets from Dave Mehlhaff, the larger of which complains that Jim Roth is getting outside-the-area contributions from the Victory Fund, a national GLBT PAC, and plays the by-now-dogeared "radical homosexual agenda" card. The Fund is indeed taking contributions for Roth; as for the "agenda," well, I attended the United States Holocaust Museum's traveling exhibit of gay and lesbian Holocaust victims, which Roth helped to bring here, and which Mehlhaff presumably would have preferred to be kept under wraps.

I have one concern: that people will come home, find all this stuff on their doors, and suspect they are in some way connected. They aren't. Orwig and Mehlhaff are political opposites; what's more, the Mayfair Heights Neighborhood Association has endorsed no candidates for office, and the arrival of its newsletter on this date was timed to remind residents of the monthly meeting Tuesday night, at which Ward 2 Councilman Sam Bowman (not up for reelection this year) will speak.

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