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1 November 2006

The new Hostage Incentive Plan

News Item: Iran has said it would offer cash incentives to travel agencies to encourage Western tourists to visit the country, giving a premium for Americans, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported Tuesday. The proposal is Iran's latest bid to reach out to ordinary Americans in an attempt by the Islamic Republic's political leadership to show that its quarrel is with the U.S. administration — not U.S. citizens.

The old American Embassy will hold 66 persons, more or less indefinitely.

(Via Francis W. Porretto.)

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I know some people I wouldn't mind sending there on permanent vacation: Wes Lame, Bruce Whine-hard, John Wheasel, and Earn-me-bribes Istook for starters.

Posted by: Dan B at 4:51 PM on 1 November 2006