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4 November 2006

This will cost a few bucks

I question the timing. About five months after Sandy and Bambi fought to the death on a lonesome Oklahoma two-lane, the Oklahoman comes up with a piece on deer/auto collisions.

Things I didn't know:

  • October and November are the prime months for such things around here, inasmuch as it's mating season.

  • Nationwide there are about 1.5 million accidents involving deer, resulting in $1.1 billion in damage. (This works out to $733 per incident, a figure at which I wince: my insurance adjuster told me they just stopped counting at six thousand.)

  • So-called "deer whistles," which are supposed to repel the critters, don't.

I may buy one of those whistles anyway, since friends swear by them; but I'll pass it off as a tiger whistle.

"But there aren't any tigers for ten thousand miles!"

"See how well it works?"

Posted at 9:41 AM to Driver's Seat

I have personally seen multiple tigers within ten miles of your house. And lions, but no bears, oh my.

Unlikely they would end up on the road, regardless.

Posted by: Dan at 10:25 AM on 4 November 2006

i have a couple of distant relatives that claim the deer whistles work. i'm not terribly inclined to believe them, but 1) they are a lot cheaper than even one insurance payment, and 2) they couldn't hurt.

Posted by: hatless in hattiesburg at 2:27 PM on 4 November 2006