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28 November 2006

Vacant aisle

Marriage — at least the old-fashioned, one man/one woman thing — is apparently dead, suggests Moxie:

[T]here is little reason for any man or woman to get married or date in this day and age.

Liberals and feminists have made it easy and acceptable for people NOT to get married. I could adopt or have a child on my own. I could marry a woman if I leaned that way. I can abort a child I decide I don't want, maybe soon after it has been born, after Nancy Pelosi takes over. Men can get the benefit of marriage from any drunk feminist at a bar.

Perhaps, if I spent days thinking about it, I could find one substantive reason to date men who no longer have a good reason to marry any woman on earth.

Most men in my age bracket are so superficial and selfish, the only reason for marriage and the prerequisite dating, is to preserve conservative values. And there aren't many men around who appreciate that, thanks to Bill Clinton, the nitwit who made it ok to cheat on the ole thick-ankled ball and chain, and made it seem "uncool" to be moral (conservative).

I demur slightly here. Men have been looking for excuses since long before there ever was an Oval Office.

About a year ago, the last really special and promising guy I dated rejected me because I'm a Republican. He wasn't a typical liberal, he was British, living here on a work visa, brainwashed by Jon Stewart and CNN. And in about a month, I'll be one of the few, single, old chicks NOT looking for a date — and instead seeking 7 more cats to complete my collection.

While I may feel awful that my incredible and worthy Parents won't ever have grandkids — the fact that I won't have to deal with divorce, lawyers, deadbeat Dads and joint custody is a reason in and of itself to throw a $40,000 family celebration and wear an expensive designer dress.

Which is probably cheaper in the long run.

I should point out here that while I do have something of a conservative bent, I have no reason to think myself any less selfish and/or superficial than the next guy. (It's that whole humility thing, and I am persuaded that, as Francis W. Porretto once noted, it's "the virtue least practiced or appreciated in our time." God forbid anything should interfere with the propping up of one's self-esteem, I suppose.)

Besides, the Mox is gorgeous and smart, which means that I wouldn't have much of a shot at her even if she lived around the corner instead of across the country. I mention these things in the unlikely event that anyone should think I'm trying to position myself as a Potential Partner.

Update, 8 pm, 29 November: The aforementioned Mr Porretto tells me to get off my ass.

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