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4 November 2006

We demand a sugar rush

Laney and Jackson in costume

And the Princess of Darkness and the SpiderLad mean business. (Ages: Laney, 3½; Jackson, 8 months; furnishings in the background, God only knows.)

Posted at 5:31 PM to Next Generation

AWWWWW! What cuties! Hope their sugar rush has worn down a bit since Tuesday, though...

Posted by: david at 10:42 PM on 4 November 2006

UNICEF is looking for a new marketing director, and charging this person with growing donations over the next fiscal year at a daunting pace. Went to their site around Halloween, they had their 'Trick or Treat for UNICEF' stuff up. I swear I have not seen any kid Trick or Treating for UNICEF in my life. And if some other kid caught them doing it, they'd be as welcome 'round the 'hood as scabs at a union meeting.

Whoever takes over that job has a major re-education task ahead of them.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 12:50 AM on 5 November 2006