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17 December 2006

Extremely short tree

Extremely short treeYes, this is actually in my house. (The seemingly inebriated bobby to the right will, if you press a coin into his hand, give out with a verse of "The Little Drummer Boy." And also if you don't, since he's too besotted to notice.) I'm thinking maybe I might be better served with a Festivus pole next year.

Posted at 2:13 PM to Surlywood

Is it "real"? It's kind of cute, actually, even if it's a little small. The lights look artistically huge whether because the tree is small and they are "normal", you'll have to tell me. And at least you're in the spirit!

Posted by: anne at 12:37 AM on 18 December 2006

The tree (only 80 percent of which is in the frame) is only three feet tall, and it's sitting on a cabinet, but the lights are "standard"-sized. They do look a tad overgrown. I have some smaller lights somewhere, but they're the New! Improved! all-white variety, and frankly, I wanted some color on this thing. Since I have a week to go, though, I reserve the right to screw around with it further.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:02 AM on 18 December 2006

If that's an artificial tree, may I suggest bending out the branches?

Posted by: McGehee at 10:18 AM on 18 December 2006