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20 December 2006

Frank moves forward

So far, the possibility of a Frank Keating Presidential bid hasn't drawn much attention, though Sean Gleeson seems pleased with the prospect.

A former aide to Keating, from his gubernatorial days, sent this to the National Review folks:

I can assure you that he has one fundamental and very vital thing in common with Ronald Reagan: He gets the big picture and thinks in broad themes. He also has the same endearing quality RR had, a willingness to listen to his staff and a natural geniality that goes far in an age of contentious politics. Actually, he is the truest Reaganite to be mentioned in connection with the 08 race so far, with the possible exception of Newt, given his extensive service in the Reagan administration and his consistency on key issues like tax cuts to drive economic growth and the conservative social agenda. He's very close to Jack Kemp (he was his deputy at HUD) with similar gravitas on the key issues. Plus, he made a lot of friends in the ranks of Catholic lay people in chairing the sexual abuse panel, from which he wisely walked away when he saw that too many in the church's upper reaches were simply not taking the mess seriously enough. He has what Rudy brings to the table — experience in leading the way through the aftermath of a brutal terrorist attack. Finally, his wife is major league FLOTUS material. He may or may not go, but if he does, don't be surprised to see him do very well in early debates.

Keating is in South Carolina today, testing the waters.

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What happened with Keating, anyway?

Before this President Bush was inaugurated, he (Keating) was supposedly in contention for all sorts fo important jobs (inc. VP, as I remember), but was rejected for all of them and dropped off the political scene.

Posted by: John Salmon at 8:44 PM on 20 December 2006

The one thing that dropped him off the radar, I think, was a dubious deal with New York bigshot Jack Dreyfus, who advanced Keating a quarter-mil in the hope that Keating, as governor, would have the Department of Corrections buy lots of Dilantin, an anti-seizure drug which Dreyfus was anxious to push. Eventually Keating gave back the money. (Details here.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:07 PM on 20 December 2006

Thanks for the info. It was odd how he just disappeared.

Posted by: John Salmon at 9:59 PM on 20 December 2006

I think of only one thing when I think of Keating and that is how he handled the Murrah bombing. Then one looks how others in public life handle catastrophic incidences within their territories. I believe he'd be a decent contender to a proper running of the country house.

Posted by: Joe at 10:59 PM on 22 December 2006