The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

1 December 2006

Friday morning, 6:30 am

This can be considered the reverse-angle shot to this one from yesterday afternoon, following a night of high winds and blowing snow. Temperature was a balmy 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

More farging snow

That slight bloom in the center is an artifact from the flash. (Sunrise was around 7:20, so it was still way dark when I shot this.) Not visible, off to the right, are the redbud trees and the strings of lights hung upon them, mostly because I thought it was a bad idea to run electrical stuff when the cord and the plug are under half a foot of concentrated wetness.

The camera, incidentally, is six months old.

Posted at 6:11 PM to Surlywood

Outdoor christmas lights seem to be impervious to snow, rain, etc. So run them! You are using the extra thick insulated cord :) So, yeah. Not to worry.

Posted by: ms7168 at 8:10 AM on 2 December 2006

In Fairbanks, people have been known to run Christmas lights across the (snow-covered) ground in their front yards, with the result that at night their yards seem to have fuzzy, brightly-colored spots running across them.

If Christmas lights are made for the outdoors, they're made for winter conditions -- so go for it.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:59 PM on 2 December 2006