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15 December 2006

I'm on the outside, looking in

The Tootsie Roll folks are issuing a "Limited Edition" "Inside-Outs" version of Junior Mints, perhaps inspired by the popular "Uh-Oh" variations on Nabisco's Oreo cookie. This mint has a chocolate center wrapped in some white stuff, which, says Candy Addict, tastes "somewhere between yogurt and white chocolate." Not really compelling, I suspect, except when you open up the box and people stare in disbelief.

Incidentally, of all the Bizarro World brand extensions of the Oreo, the only one that really grabs me is the chocolateless variant dubbed "Golden"; I suspect this is at least partly due to my disillusionment when Sunshine's Hydrox was discontinued a decade ago. What I really want (as does Gail) is a true inside-out Oreo, with two blobs of white stuff surrounding the standard chocolate cookie. Let's see a kid try to eat the middle of that first.

And another thing: They've been making Junior Mints since 1949. By now they should be offering some Senior Mints, shouldn't they?

Posted at 6:12 PM to Worth a Fork

Believe it or not, the inside out Junior Mints were available last year. My wife loves them! Not only did she get them last Christmas, but she was able to find them off and on throughout the year on clearance at Big Lots.

Posted by: Brian Decker at 7:12 PM on 15 December 2006

I ate a whole package of Hydrox when I was 3 or 4; I was hooked since then. I miss 'em, too. Oreos are overpriced and overhyped, if you ask me.

Posted by: John Owen Butler at 9:54 PM on 15 December 2006

I believe the senior ones are called York Peppermint Patties...

Posted by: Jay at 7:51 AM on 16 December 2006

I believe the senior ones are called York Peppermint Patties...

I hope not. A senior fellow of my acquaintance recently had to be Heimliched because of a York patty. And it was one of the little 15-cent ones, too.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:08 PM on 16 December 2006

Not at all apropos of this, Ian Healy reports:

"[T]he Mocha Mint Cafe Americano at Starbucks is like drinking a cup of warm Junior Mints. With caffeine."

Posted by: CGHill at 7:14 PM on 16 December 2006