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19 December 2006

Like you need to hear this from me

You need a blog of your own, says the current issue of US News and World Report:

In their short life span blogs have been parlayed into book deals, huge salaries, and delightful public scandals. You should expect more modest results — an estimate that the average blog has one reader is "probably generous," says Derek Gordon, a vice president at Technorati — but the 12 million Americans who blog don't seem to care. After all, says Henry Copeland of, "everybody's got a mother and an ex-girlfriend." And blogging has value even in a vacuum, says Steven Streight, who blogs about blogging. "I felt this new boldness," he says, something that happens "when [you] turn your computer off and go back to the offline world."

I guess I should be grateful that I have more than one reader and an occasional burst of the bold. Whether this is attributable to all this soapbox experience, I'm not entirely sure.

Blogs can give even non-writers a boost. "Say you're in the running for a job at a hedge fund, and there are three candidates, and you happen to have been writing a blog with some interesting thoughts," says Debbie Weil, author of The Corporate Blogging Book. "You're going to get more seriously considered."

And if your Internet presence is less than interesting? Blogs can help you there, too. "There is no way that in the next couple years people aren't going to Google you before they hire you — or invite you to a party," says Weil.

Yeah, but neither the hedge-fund managers nor the party planners will be impressed if you come across like this.

And when, exactly, is a good time to mention that your PageRank exceeds that of your employer?

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And when, exactly, is a good time to mention that your PageRank exceeds that of your employer?

When you're negotiating for a signing bonus?

Posted by: McGehee at 9:28 AM on 19 December 2006

I hear those stats and always feel bad for all those lonely, unread blogs. Of course, most of those consist entirely of those OKCupid quiz results, right?

Posted by: Veronica at 4:25 PM on 21 December 2006

I don't know about "most," but certainly a lot. (I'm not too proud to post something like that, but God forbid I should confine myself to such.)

Posted by: CGHill at 5:30 PM on 21 December 2006