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2 December 2006

People for the Merkin Way

Giving no thought to mere traffic considerations, McGehee stands firm against Britney Spears' uncovered sissywhoha.

And by "against," I mean "in opposition to," not "adjoining." Just to make that clear.

(If the above link doesn't work, try this one.)

Addendum, next morning: "Britney Spears' Crotch" would make a great name for a snarly, Violent-Femmes-ish garage band, suggests Andrea Harris.

Posted at 6:25 PM to Blogorrhea , Your 15 Minutes Are Up

I often disagree with Ms. Harris, and I will again here: if anyone I knew ever said "I bought a ticket to see Britney Spears' Crotch," I would call the men in the white coats immediately.

Posted by: Matt at 11:32 AM on 3 December 2006

I was only joking, Matt. Do you really think that I was serious?

Then again, truth is stranger than satire.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 1:41 PM on 3 December 2006

I wondered where that list had been moved.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:11 PM on 3 December 2006

Ms. Harris:

I enjoy arguing with you, especially when I don't think that you're serious. :-)

Posted by: Matt at 10:16 PM on 3 December 2006