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15 December 2006

Quote of the week

Miriam is perplexed by current trends in greeting cards:

The messages are becoming increasingly vague and noncommittal. Forget Merry Christmas — they now wish you happy holidays, joys of the season, or a very jolly time. Any day now, I expect to receive a card wishing me and mine a very successful fourth quarter.

With metered postage, no doubt.

Posted at 10:11 AM to QOTW

Over the years I've always found it difficult to find a box of holiday cards that would be suitable to send to anyone. They had to have no references to specific holidays, and no wreathes or twinkly lights. Now, you're telling me, I'm going to be able to find these cards more easily. Cool.

Posted by: Rhea at 8:25 AM on 16 December 2006

Once I happened upon some at, of all places, a Christian bookstore. They weren't so labeled, but I suspect they were intended as "holiday greetings for your nonbeliever friends."

Posted by: CGHill at 9:20 AM on 16 December 2006