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22 December 2006

Quote of the week

Jonny Lieberman at The Truth About Cars, on the misbegotten '07 Chrysler Sebring:

The handling puts the abyss in abysmal. Thereís so much torque steer that itís a constant battle just to keep the car pointed in a straight line. Even a minor stab at the go-pedal triggers the tillerís disapproval. Turns are just plain awful. Moving left and right is a multi-step affair. First, turn the wheel. Second, wait for the vehicle to fully lurch over onto one of the front springs. Finally, sit in terror as the weight is unloaded and the car leans all the way back in the other direction, maybe (or maybe not) aiming where you pointed it.

Improbably enough, the ride is even worse. With the Sebring's short wheelbase and lousy suspension, bumps aren't just felt, but profoundly understood. A choppy stretch of pavement can induce sensory hallucination; I swear a tiny man with a jackhammer was attacking my kidneys. And the pizza box thick (and flat) seats lend no support whatsoever. I will testify under oath that the engineers responsible have never driven a car in their lives.

Surely no one asked Dr. Z for this.

Posted at 4:15 PM to QOTW

All in all though, he likes the car.

Posted by: John Salmon at 5:34 PM on 22 December 2006

Not exactly your basic ringing endorsement that the boyz in Motown want to hear.

Posted by: Winston at 8:12 PM on 22 December 2006

Come on guys. The Sebring is just a platform for a convertible top. Who cares about the car, it's a convertible!

October last year, we needed to rent a car for a trip to a reunion of Wifey-ki-yay's family in Virginia. The Avis clerk tried to interest us in a Sebring, but we needed four doors and the ability to drive more than 200 miles between gas stops.

The Chevy HHR we ended up with was at least fun to drive, but the MPGs were disappointing, and the rear hatch gave out in mid-reunion.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:35 PM on 22 December 2006