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13 December 2006

These tunes are downright Qwerty

"Hip-Hop Is Dead," says Nas, but there will always be rhythm, and for a while, anyway, there will be the Boston Typewriter Orchestra, which plays music sorta like Leroy Anderson but without all those pesky traditional musical instruments in the background.

Having paid some dues in my time as a typist and occasional 10-key operator, I can understand the urge to produce some serious syncopations from the Smith-Coronas, undulations from the Underwoods, rhythmic rolls from Remington Rands, and that's what BTO (not to be confused with other musical operations with similar initials) does. There's even a CD, The Revolution Will Be Typewritten.

Me, I learned on one of these, though I never did seem to display any real talent.

(Via Rocketboom [video clip])

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"Hip-Hop Is Dead," says Nas,

This presupposes it was ever alive.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:31 AM on 13 December 2006

Actually, I've heard the Nas track, and it's sort of interesting, considering it's based on an Iron Butterfly riff.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:52 AM on 13 December 2006