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29 December 2006

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You've heard the joke before:

A group of computer geniuses get together to build the world's largest, most powerful thinking machine. They program it with the latest heuristic software so it can learn, then feed into it the total sum of mankind's knowledge from every source-historical, scientific, technical, literary, mythical, religious, occult. Then, at the great unveiling, the group leader feeds the computer its first question: "Is there a God?"

"There is now," the computer replies.

Who knew?

(Besides Samantha Burns, I mean.)

Posted at 8:01 AM to PEBKAC

This is based on an Isaac Asimov short story, is it not?

MULTIVAC said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT! And there was light--"

("The Last Question".)

Posted by: Brian J. at 2:12 PM on 29 December 2006

I haven't traced the joke back that far, but that would seem to be a reasonable origin.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:54 PM on 29 December 2006
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