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2 December 2006

Too much shimmer on that Bimmer

Andy Dokmanovich comes up with a metaphor for recent BMW 3-series styling in a letter to Car and Driver:

Ever notice how that cute, unassuming girl next door with natural brown flowing hair, smooth clear skin, and "jeans and a T-shirt on a Saturday" look will usually tug at the heartstrings deeper and longer than the girl on stage with the multicolor striped hair, two pounds of hope-in-a-bottle on her face, über-jewelry, and razor-creased outfit with pointed-toe shoes? Besides the hint of insecurity, someone who seems to be "on" all the time with that much stimulation and business in every single nook and cranny is just too much to bear without wincing and hoping it'll just go away.

By coincidence, or maybe not, the letters page was illustrated with a lovely Bill Neale drawing of the vehicle I'd prefer to that overwrought Bimmer: an Infiniti G35 in Arrest Me Red. And apart from that color, I'm pretty sure that the aforementioned girl next door (who actually is a few blocks and half a lifetime away) would prefer it too.

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