The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 December 2006

Yeah, but how did it taste?

The first clue came when the birthday cake proved unusually hard to cut:

"No — look for yourself," said Jim Kavalaris, motioning for his mother to come closer and see what he meant. "It's not REAL."


What it was, was Styrofoam:

Beneath the edible icing, the cake, bought at Sam's Club at Eastwood Towne Center [Lansing, MI], was pure Styrofoam.

Sam's Club manager Jeff Hartsaw theorized that an employee must have mistakenly picked up a Styrofoam display cake coated with white frosting, thought it was real and added the finishing touches ordered by Kavalaris' mother.

And Sam's made good: they made up a new cake, a real one this time, refunded the price of the foam cake, and gave the Kavalaris family a $100 gift card.

(Via The Consumerist.)

Posted at 10:45 AM to Dyssynergy

How could one "mistake" the (non)weight of a foam cake for a real one? Isn't that kind of like mistaking a paper mache cannon for a real cannon?

Posted by: Purple Avenger at 12:58 PM on 29 December 2006

Now if only would let me download licensed music, refund the price of the unlicensed music they gave me three weeks ago, and give me a $100 gift card -- I'd send the gift card to that Kessler bozo in Wisconsin.

The music I'd keep, and listen to. 'Cause that was always the whole point of buying it in the first place.

Maybe I should've downloaded it from instead.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:53 PM on 29 December 2006