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16 January 2007

A bit of Luhnacy

Apparently each Nintendo Wii has a sixteen-digit address, which identifies it in the sub-net, or whatever it is, through which all the Wiis (that still looks funny) are interconnected.

Kevin D. at Dean's World posted his, which was this:

4911 0300 3657 3790

I took one look at that, and said "Great Caesar's Chase, that looks like a freaking Visa card."

Well, it's not. That particular string doesn't pass the Luhn test, so it's not a valid Visa number.

Now, of course, I'm wondering if there is something non-random about these numbers. I looked around for a few minutes and eventually found a Wii number that theoretically could be a credit-card number. ( has a bunch of people wanting to communicate.) Curiosity — as distinguished from, say, cholesterol — will be the death of me yet.

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