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4 January 2007

At least it isn't TAKS evasion

Diane's son brings home a note from class, and it's a tad disquieting:

This semester the final exam will be particularly difficult. Unlike the previous final, I will not allow any notes, as it is your responsibility to keep up with your work, notes, and assignments. Nor will I allow any exemptions from my final exams, regardless of TAKS scores and final grades. You read it here first, folks, so do not ask! I believe that, as freshmen, it is good practice for all of you to understand the necessity of these tests, as they prepare you for the next three years of high school, and your collegiate career.

Not so awful, although that last sentence doesn't scan. (TAKS is the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.) But then this appears:

However, being that I am entertained by competition, I am offering two classes a free 100 on the exam, one Regular class and one Pre-AP class. Here are the rules to the contest:
  1. The class with the best overall semester grade score wins. This means the better you and your classmates do these six weeks, the better chance your class has of winning.

  2. The class must have a sufficient passing score on the TAKS test. If your class has the highest grade average, but posts a less than stellar cumulative score on the TAKS test, you will not be allowed to win the contest.

  3. Your class must have exceptional behavior. Some of my classes have decided that paying attention to the lessons is something unnecessary. The more of your classmates that are quiet and paying attention to the expectations, rules, and lessons, the better chance you have of winning in case of a tie.

As I write this, the Pistons are beating the Hornets; it's 58-32 at the half. But you know, the Hornets looked really good at this morning's shootaround, and that's what counts, right?

Posted at 8:15 PM to Dyssynergy

A free 100 on the final exam? Is that even legal?

Posted by: Dan at 9:03 PM on 4 January 2007

Disquieting is a great word for that C.G. The more I think about it the more upset I get.

LOL Dan I wouldn't think so. I'm going to find out though. It won't be the first time I've gone head to head with that school district and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Posted by: Diane at 6:48 AM on 5 January 2007