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29 January 2007

Couched in tradition

Last time I bought furniture, I took my daughter with me, which is not quite the same dynamic as you would expect from a pair of spousal units, but this still sounds familiar:

Ed and I realized that before we could argue about whether we could afford the sofa, we needed to spend some time arguing about how big it should be and where it was going to go. Ed wanted to line the sofa up alongside an armchair against one wall. This is a distinctly male school of thought as regards living room décor: All large seating items are to be placed against a wall, facing the television. This way, if the lights go out while you are returning from the refrigerator, you need only place one hand upon a wall and begin walking. Eventually you'll hit a place to sit down and nap until the power is back on and the TV is working again.

I suppose I missed about half of the training: the chair against the wall does not face the television, and the sofa (actually it's an overgrown loveseat, and isn't that ironic? "No" — ed.) does face the television but is not against the wall.

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We solved this by purchasing a very large 3-sided sectional. Yes, I know they're out of style, but so is PMS as a defense to homicide.

So this was my compromise: the Venomous Hubby has one long side to lay down on with his head directly facing the TV. I, meanwhile, have the "Queen of Venom" chaise lounge at the opposite end which also faces the TV. Children and/or guests have room in between.

As soon as it arrived and took up most of my family room -- and could only be positioned against the wall -- I remembered why I usually refuse to compromise.

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 5:48 PM on 29 January 2007