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1 January 2007

Gaming the game systems

It is no particular secret that rather a lot of people who lined up at the stores to grab the first PS3s and Wiis (somehow "Wiis" just looks funny, and throwing an apostrophe in there would make it look worse, quite apart from being wrong) did so with the express intention of immediately selling them at a profit.

But with over 90,000 auctions posted, how do you draw attention to your own? Exactly: throw in a little sex.

(Safety for work questionable; improvement in sales figures even more so.)

Posted at 12:52 PM to Dyssynergy

The site says this 'says a lot about [the people] who buy' Playstations and such game systems. Yeah, and this is different from the car-buying public exactly - how?

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 6:39 PM on 1 January 2007

Most cars cost more than most game systems. Otherwise ....

Posted by: CGHill at 6:58 PM on 1 January 2007