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5 January 2007

How do I work this?

Tamara K., cracking wise today:

"And you may tell yourself
This is not my one-gig drive!"

Which is by way of saying that, after some weeks lurking at Woot, I actually snagged some wootage this week: an actual two-gig drive, with a real platter and everything, that plugs into a USB port. (Here's the original sales pitch.) I suppose a flash drive might be a tad more reliable, and maybe a little faster, but this thing flat flies, and at eighteen bucks plus shipping, including a USB extension cable, it was hard to resist, especially since the alternative is to burn two or three CD-Rs every time I feel like backing up the files I'd most hate to lose. (I do have a flash drive here at the Shotgun Shack, but it's smaller. Capacity, I mean.)

These sold out in ten hours or so; I suspect a few of them will be sprinkled through future Bags O' Crap.

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Turns out, even after you hit “delete,” a savvy techie type can still recover your data.

I've scavenged a number of machines out of dumpsters that contained all sorts of stuff. One came from a woman doctor and contained some rather embarrassing sexually explicit love letters to some boyfriend she was having affair with. Embarrassing because it was clear she was married with children ;->

If I'd been inclined towards blackmail she'd have been sunk. I'm not though and I just slick'em clean after poking around a bit.

2G is really quite a bit of room if you've sorted the wheat from the chaff and just save critical stuff that can't be regenerated easily or reloaded from original media or the net.

I've got a programming project in the works who's source code and test files fits handily on a 2.88M floppy.

Posted by: Purple Avenger at 11:22 PM on 6 January 2007