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26 January 2007

Icing the Kings

New Orleans is a place where unusual things happen, and one of them was the first half of the third quarter against the Sacramento Kings: the Hornets were showing distressing signs of the Third-Quarter Drought™, but the Kings scored nothing in the first six minutes. The crowd was quiet — "They must be giving out free Ambien," cracked Gerry V — but things would get better. The Bees, down 50-46 at the half, were up 67-60 after three. Sacramento would come back in the fourth, far enough to grab a brief lead, but the Hornets got it done, 88-84.

Desmond Mason gets the Hero cap for the night: not only did he lead all scorers with 24 points, not to mention pulling down eight boards, but he kept Ron Artest bottled up for most of the night. (The Ronster managed only nine points, though he did get 12 rebounds.) Tyson Chandler scared up another double-double, 13 points and 12 boards. Bobby Jackson got 15 off the bench; Devin Brown got his usual 14. And I must mention Linton Johnson, who in twenty minutes scored six points and pulled off three steals.

The Sacramento guards were good for 42 points — 21 each for Mike Bibby and Kevin Martin — and reserve forward John Salmons dropped in 14, including 10 of 10 free throws.

The Jazz come to Oklahoma City tomorrow night. Fasten your seat belts.

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