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2 January 2007

If it's not risky, it's not business

Last week, with the able assistance of Tamara K., I made some snide remarks about how we're approaching mandatory bubbles for boys (and, for that matter, for girls), lest they get an owie somewhere.

Andrea Harris points out that the grownups apparently yearn for bubbles of their own:

[T]he two sets of Star Trek series, the original and the new, show how our society's attitudes towards risk, and people who seek risk, have changed, and not for the better. I guess the most obvious explanation for the change is the fact that the generation currently in charge of the arts, the news media, and the educational system — hint, it was born after a certain war and the initials of its nickname are "BB" — is growing old and sickly, so everyone has to live through their increasing fears of falling over and not being able to get up just like we had to live through everything else they felt and did. This can't be good, because after growing old there is only one experience left — the one you don't live through. Then again, at least the grave is silent.

As a card-carrying member of the Vainest Generation, I have to concur. Fortunately, I didn't get much coddling early on, so it's not like me to expect any today, although my capacity for whining is at least average for my demographic cohort.

With this in mind, I'd like to borrow a hat, and then tip it to the Ethiopian army, which, in the traditional American spirit and with the assistance of some traditional Americans, fought a passel of Islamic nutjobs on a truly level playing field: if you got onto the field, you got leveled. Truly.

Posted at 10:49 AM to Dyssynergy

Some of us baby boomers are still pretty vital-the Boom lasted through 1964 (I was born in '59).

That's something else the media does (do) that annoys me (it's an endless list)-they love to proclaim that every baby boomer's about to turn 60. This is usually attached to some horror story about Social Security.

No, only the Bill Clintons of the world are/have about to reach that momentous age, and not all oldster/boomers are as ill-adapted to old age as our former Chief Exec.

Posted by: John Salmon at 11:28 AM on 2 January 2007

That's something else the media does (do) that annoys me (it's an endless list)-they love to proclaim that every baby boomer's about to turn 60.

Well, I am about to -- just before Christmas in 2021.

Posted by: McGehee at 6:27 PM on 2 January 2007

Regarding the scattering Islamos in Somalia, well demonstrated was how quickly results are achieved when an unruly child gets a fanny whacking.

Of course, the Ethiopians didn't have embedded AP reporters screaming about collateral damage.

Posted by: mike at 8:21 AM on 3 January 2007