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14 January 2007

I'm being followed by a Jeff Bezos

You have to sing it like Steven Georgiou Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam in "Moonshadow":

Oh, I'm being followed by a Jeff Bezos,
Jeff Bezos, Jeff Bezos.

Paranoia? Nope. Just this: I added an item to my not-quite-bulging shopping cart this morning, and now I find items I looked at during this shopping binge in the affiliates advertising on an otherwise-unrelated Web site. I don't think I've ever seen quite that precise a hit before. None of this presents any particular problem, unless Bezos goes berserk and sets up a separate Stalking Division at, but still, it's just a little bit creepy.

Mental note: Toss cookies faster.

Update, 20 January: It's not just me.

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