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31 January 2007

Practice makes, um, practice

I had bloodwork done today, which is about as much of a thrill as you think it is, but there was a new angle this time: breaking in the new kid.

A fourth-year medical student was assisting at the doctor's office today, and one of the things he was doing was the Industrial-Strength Intake Interview that is usually inflicted on new patients. An interesting fellow, this: a Pakistani with an Irish name. (Okay, not really. His given name is "Shamas," which almost rhymes with "pajamas," but most people, he said, seem to render it with a long A in the first syllable. I suppose he told me this to preempt the inevitable joke, which I wasn't actually planning to make.) He was satisfyingly thorough and just short of obsequious, which I suspect many people will find matches their idea of Good Bedside Manner. And while I technically didn't need this sort of interview — my file folder is now over an inch thick — there wasn't a bevy of new patients lined up, and I figured it wouldn't kill me to answer a fistful of questions, especially since I already had a bandage over my fist. (They've learned that my hand is a less-inefficient source of blood than my arm.)

Anyway, Dr Shamas, if you stumble across this, good work.

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