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4 January 2007

Sometimes it's just that simple

James Lileks, Technical Support Wizard:

Problem: wireless internet isn't working.
Diagnosis: may have something to do with the WIRELESS button in the "off" position.
Solution: depress button.
Explanation designed to burnish reputation: "there was a problem connecting to the router."

The man is obviously much kinder than I.

Posted at 10:14 AM to PEBKAC

A tech guy I once knew told me he spent most of his time plugging things back in. (I guess Lileks would have said there were problems with the power supply.)

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 12:37 AM on 5 January 2007

You're an ugly button. Nobody wants to press you.

There - consider the button depressed.

Posted by: Mel at 12:59 AM on 5 January 2007

I suppose the amount of niceness from a particular tech is porportional to the amount of repeat business one is dependent on ...

Posted by: robohara at 2:50 PM on 5 January 2007