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23 January 2007

Stop, look, but don't listen

Apparently I'm going to be dragged into New(er) Technology whether I like it or not.

My last VHS machine (Panasonic, 2000) has now decided that it's too good to bother with mere sound, which made last night's episode of Heroes even less comprehensible than usual.

Then again, I could always hook up one of the Betamaxes, although it would cost me rather a lot of channels they can't tune, ancient as they are.


Posted at 8:05 AM to Dyssynergy

If you want to stall a bit on replacing it, turn on closed captions on your tv before you start to record. The vcr will record them with the show.

I use them CC the time because of hearing problems, but they might help you out.

Posted by: Terry at 9:53 AM on 23 January 2007

Now why didn't I think of that?

(Disclosure: When I moved to Los Angeles in 1988, I looked into the possibility of getting a position as a captioner. Turns out I don't type fast enough. More to the point, when I do produce a typo, it's usually a howler.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:58 AM on 23 January 2007