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29 January 2007

Strange search-engine queries (52)

The idea here is to pore over the referrer logs, look at what came in from the search-engines, and then answer it here, although seldom in the way the searcher intended. And yes, we've done this 51 times before.

Ted Turner's quote when looking at an Egyptian woman's breasts:  I can only hope it wasn't "Hey, nice Tuts."

208,000 folks get this everyday:  "What is 'sick of The View'?"

how do i get 100,000 people to give me $5 each:  Send each of them $20.

britney spears showing flesh:  When isn't Britney Spears showing flesh?

what happens if i overstate the amount on my 1099-g:  You overpay your taxes, which is always a thrill.

rebecca the girl that came out in ass parade:  Or was it stuck out?

bush third term:  Bite your tongue.

deer don't hit me:  Lucky you. Or is this a prayer?

rules for being president:  Anything goes, except hummers.

what brand of cars do democrats drive?  Anything goes, except Hummers.

why do people leave christmas lights on after christmas:  It's too damn cold to go outside and take them down.

what 39 percent of women want for their birthday:  Not to have to count it.

Robert J. Clark shooting "Robert J. Clark":  You keep out of this. He doesn't have to shoot you now.

where is the undo key:  Right next to the "any" key.

can you buy oscar meyer bologna in England?  Until the Muslims take over completely.

dustbury hottie:  Not.

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I insist that you shoot me now.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 6:12 PM on 29 January 2007