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8 January 2007

Strange search-engine queries (49)

Shall I do these seven times? From the looks of things, I could do them seventy times seven, in which case everything up to now is tithe.

nudism in greenland:  Brrr.

nigeria builder women love scam dating "dave"  Dave's not here. He's busy wiring good-faith money to Lagos.

desmond mason married to a white woman:  Yeah, so?

bandwidth baby jesus  We're talking more than mere terabytes here.

"fat vegetarians":  A lot of them fought for the Romans, if I remember correctly.

"is it a date or hanging out":  I suggest that if it's hanging out, you probably won't get a date.

why do people zoned out?  Um, they bored silly?

Nancy Pelosi leg photos:  You'll remember that no one asked to see anything of Dennis Hastert's.

hummer windshield scraper:  Not to be confused with sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch.

illegal olsen twins in thongs:  Sorry, Chucko, the Olsen twins are legal now.

insipid GoDaddy parked page:  You should see some of the ones they actually host.

heather locklear bowlegs:  I think as close as she ever got was Tulsa.

insufficient bendy erect penis:  Seems to me, if it's bendy, it's hardly erect.

we all realize that you are reluctant to spit the 3 day old Doritos out of your mouth and think of a decent comeback but you are starting to look a little girly. Please go purge and gargle, then come back with some better lines to defend yourself:  [gulp!]

terry jacks dies:  He had joy, he had fun, he had seasons in the sun, but so far as I know, he had not stopped breathing.

Posted at 6:25 AM to You Asked For It

Thanks for the reminder! LOL I need to turn the stats on at "Angels".

Posted by: Diane at 7:29 AM on 8 January 2007

illegal olsen twins in thongs: Sorry, Chucko, the Olsen twins are legal now.

Except in Saudi Arabia, unless they cover their thongs in something else.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:57 AM on 8 January 2007

terry jacks dies

"Jack not name, jack job!" -Monster from the Muppet Movie, shortly before lifing a car and wheeling it away ...

Posted by: robohara at 6:21 PM on 8 January 2007