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1 January 2007

They spent it buying a vowel

Zzyzx RoadI remember seeing the trailer for Zyzzyx Rd. online in early 2006; it didn't look all that appealing, but it stuck in the mind, which I suppose is all you can ask of a trailer, and the tagline — "What happens in Vegas is buried on Zyzzyx Road" — contributed to fixing that memory in place. For some reason, the spelling of the actual road, which is out somewhere in the desert on the 15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, was changed for the film; your guess as to why is at least as good as mine, maybe better. (Picture borrowed from Paul's Ponderings.) A lot of movies never get to a theater at all, but Zyzzyx did, and the combined star power of Tom Sizemore and the lovely Katherine Heigl brought it to a domestic gross of ... thirty dollars. (Apparently two-thirds of the take came on the opening weekend, which is not unusual for smaller pictures.) Interestingly, the film has 36 votes on the Internet Movie Database; I've got to wonder how all these people saw it, since it's apparently not on DVD.

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Posted at 9:30 AM to Almost Yogurt

I'm going to have to keep an eye out on Netflix for a release. LOL I'm easily amused.

Posted by: Diane at 10:05 AM on 1 January 2007

I vaguely remember driving past that sign last August... wish I'd gotten a picture, now.

Posted by: David Fleck at 4:22 PM on 1 January 2007

It's where this guy lives.

(The amazing things is I spelled his name right first crack when I did the search.)

Oh, I suppose THAT says something bad about me, too!

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 6:45 PM on 1 January 2007