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11 January 2007

Triggering one's decorative instinct

It's a gun! It's a vase!Suck UK, once derided as the most overrated design team ever, is selling scads of these, in this table-vase form and a wall-mounted version, each around $65 at the current exchange rate. It's deucedly simple, too: you fill the barrel with water, then insert the stems. Even your average garden-variety hoplophobe can handle it. (Maybe.) If this isn't dangerous enough for you, they also sell coat hooks in the shape of British darts. Given my inexplicable fondness for things that aren't especially safe, I'm surprised I don't already have a brace of these; on the other hand, there's nothing inherently unsafe about these things, unless you expect to subdue an intruder with one — in which case, roses are recommended, what with the sharp, pointy bits along the stems and such. (Seen at Popgadget with a better title.)

Posted at 6:23 PM to Entirely Too Cool

The butler killed her in the library with a vase.

Posted by: Aero at 10:57 PM on 11 January 2007

Would that the modelled guns were something cooler than CZ clones. If it were a troika of 1911s, they'd have my cash already...

Posted by: Tam at 10:55 PM on 12 January 2007