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25 January 2007

True auto eroticism

About thirty years ago, Dr. Demento associate Damaskas Hollodan unleashed a catchy little ditty called "Making Love in a Subaru," which contained the following bit of useful advice:

And now let us lie between the sheets
And thank heaven for reclining bucket seats
Don't touch that for goodness sake
You'll release the parking brake
We'll both start to roll down the street

Yipes! I've never had any seat time in a Subaru — there are stories I could tell you about a Toyota Celica, not that I would — but I suspect this information has been largely superseded by Carma Sutra, the first (I suppose) vehicular sex manual.

I have, of course, no idea how much activity is going on today behind closed car doors, but I suspect that none of it is quite as convenient as it was in the '51 Nash.

(Via Autoblog.)

Posted at 5:18 PM to Driver's Seat

I had a '79 Subaru DL -- the only car I ever bought new. The salesman demonstrated the reclining seats, and said they'd be great for necking. I just took him at this word on it.....

Posted by: John Owen Butler at 9:05 AM on 26 January 2007

I have a Subaru Outback wagon. This is about the 5th Suby I've had. And I never...

I suppose if I spent an hour getting all my tool boxes unloaded, put that spare tire back in its proper compartment, and put the seat backs in their full down and locked position, spread out a couple of blankets, maybe an air mattress, yeah... but by then I would be too tired to remember why I was doing all that...

Now, the bigass pickem up truck I had a few years ago ... is a story for another time...

Posted by: Winston at 9:27 AM on 26 January 2007

Now, the bigass pickem up truck I had a few years ago ... is a story for another time...

You know, a cargo light gives off a romantic glow.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:45 AM on 26 January 2007