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1 January 2007

Worst titles of 2006

Listed chronologically:

"Are we not men? We are Bevo" (4 January)
"Another one fights the rust" (7 January)
"Where the gripes of Roth are slurred" (29 January)
"Baby got loopback" (9 February)
"Freeze a jolly good fellow" (2 March)
"No Schick, Sherlock" (26 March)
"Cambridge face with the Oxford booty" (12 April)
"Everybody was feng shui fighting" (5 May)
"Oh, the manatee" (13 May)
"We got stubble! Right here in River City!" (28 May)
"Sidereal vicious" (27 June)
"Weasels we have heard on high" (5 July)
"Grout expectations" (26 July)
"Two Infinitis — and beyond!" (30 August)
"It's all ova now" (1 September)
"When I think about you I retouch myself" (21 September)
"With mallards toward none" (24 September)
"I shot the serifs" (5 October)
"Mi casserole es su casserole" (28 October)
"Too much too Zune" (14 November)
"There's no base like chrome" (21 November)
"Wet ones of ass production" (25 November)
"People for the Merkin Way" (2 December)
"Keister bonnet" (7 December)
"Ellipsis sweet as candy" (7 December)

(Total number of 2006 posts: 2,126. Some marginally-acceptable turns of phrase are recounted here.)

Posted at 11:06 AM to Blogorrhea

"Two Infinitis and beyond!"

I actually groaned. Heh.

Posted by: Veronica at 4:17 PM on 1 January 2007

I kinda liked them.

Which says WHAT? Something bad? Last time I defend YOU!

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 6:41 PM on 1 January 2007

I had to click on the Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow to see if that was about Ted Williams.

Ted's now better known for his Mr. Freeze routine than for hitting .406 in '41, which is awfully unfair.

Posted by: John Salmon at 11:37 AM on 2 January 2007

Much as I admired Ted Williams, I would never have characterized him as "jolly," even for the sake of a punchline.

(Let's see if anyone buys that.)

Posted by: CGHill at 12:24 PM on 2 January 2007