The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

27 February 2007

A stylized Mini-Me

MeIt started with something called the Portrait Illustration Maker, a surprisingly-deep online application which enables you to make a 96 x 96 icon for your own Personal Avatar or whatever. I say it enables you because it didn't really enable fumble-fingered me to come up with anything acceptable: in successive attempts I wound up looking like Joan Crawford, Warren Oates, and Jabba the Hutt. Perhaps some combination of the three would have proven successful, but by then I'd given it up and turned the job over to Gail at Scribal Terror, who did a remarkable job in what seemed like record time. (Many of her regulars appear in this format in her official Rogues' Gallery, and most of them are rather less bland than I, not that this is difficult.) I should point out that I am slightly greyer than this, and some of the widow's peak has been eroded away by time, but otherwise this is a pretty good likeness, though probably not suitable for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Posted at 9:22 AM to General Disinterest

That is actually a very good likeness of you! I'm going to go try it myself. I'm also going to use the weight listed on my driver's license!

Posted by: Jan at 2:10 PM on 28 February 2007