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11 February 2007

Across a crowded room

There's a technique to this?

So I was watching an old fave. show of mine, Viva La Bam. It was the episode where Bam is trying to teach Vito how to pick up a woman. He asked Vito what he does when he's trying to catch a woman's eye. Bam seemed to imply that there are certain things that definitely let a woman know that you're interested although he didn't elaborate. This made me curious.

Gentlemen, what do YOU do to catch someone's attention and let her know that you're interested in getting to know her? And if she smiles back at you, is that incentive enough for you to go over and introduce yourself? Does the length of the eye contact factor in at all?

Actually, I usually avoid looking in that direction, ostensibly as a safety precaution, but mostly because I figure it's just so much wasted effort, and I'm too tired for that sort of thing.

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Didn't Vito grope 12 year olds at a mall?

Posted by: Veronica at 6:03 PM on 11 February 2007

Well, they busted the guy who plays him for that sort of thing.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:53 PM on 11 February 2007

No, you figure, by default, "I'm not worthy" - if memory serves me right.

Posted by: Tat at 11:45 AM on 13 February 2007

There is no doubt a non sum dignus factor (Firefox spellcheck wanted to insert "dingus" instead, and we'll leave it at that) involved, but being dismissive reduces my emotional investment, always a good thing.

Of course, with the revision, that could be my calling card. Non sum dingus: "I am not a wiener."

Posted by: CGHill at 11:57 AM on 13 February 2007