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22 February 2007

And a side order of vowels

The Wheel of Food vaguely resembles that circular television icon, and it's intended for people who are going out to eat but haven't decided exactly where. To play, you enter your ZIP code, what you're looking for (lunch, dinner, pizza, maybe some others), and the wheel spins. I gave it "73112" and "lunch," and after a couple of revolutions, the wheel stopped on the Frullati Café and Bakery in Penn Square.

Which is in 73118, technically, but only slightly.

And, well, you can always spin again. There is, of course, a disclaimer:

The presence of a restaurant on the wheel in no way constitutes an endorsement of said restaurant. This is particularly true of Der Wienerschnitzel. Spinning the wheel quickly may induce seizures or flashbacks. Ignore the advice of the wheel at your own peril. Avoid making sudden eye contact with the wheel. Do not taunt the wheel. The wheel knows where you live.

Or at least my ZIP code.

(Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.)

Posted at 7:31 AM to Worth a Fork

Same here. I entered the Bentonville zip, and got mostly restaurants that are actually in Rogers. But they're right on the city limits so close enough I guess.

I also kept getting Oscar's for lunch, which is a good place to eat I hear. But too expensive for me.

Posted by: rita at 6:52 PM on 22 February 2007