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25 February 2007

Gentle discouragement

I mentioned last month that I had bought one of these industrial-strength telephone-screening devices, with the hope of finally enjoying some serenity around the house.

It has worked well, and I commend it to others. Then again, you might not want to spend three digits on silencing your phone, in which case this appears to be an effective countermeasure:


I pick up the phone and say nothing but I can hear someone breathing. Finally the lady on the other line says, "Hello, I'd like to speak with [my first and last name]."

Me: Is Lakisha there?

Lady: Erum.... eh... I'd like to speak with [my first and last name].

Me: Is Lakisha there?

Lady:, I'm trying to...I mean, no ma'am there is no Lakisha here....umů

Me: Oh sorry! I must have the wrong number!

Lady: Um....

Me: Bye!

They haven't called back since.

This is right up there with "You keep out of this! He doesn't have to shoot you now!"

Posted at 12:18 PM to Dyssynergy

That is clever.

I wish I'd seen this a week ago, before someone with a blocked caller ID called my cell phone four times in rapid succession -- with a wrong number. I finally had to turn the dang thing off for ten minutes to put a stop to it.

Posted by: McGehee at 6:44 PM on 25 February 2007