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21 February 2007

I knew you when

I've never quite gone through this, and frankly I don't know what, if anything, I'd do:

I recently ran across a friend's MySpace page. When I noticed that she was using a MySpace Name/URL that didn't match the online identity that I was familiar with, I decided to find out where that identity might lead. A quick search led me to discover that she has a presence on a number of sexually oriented "matchmaking" sites. I soon discovered that my old friend is a bi-sexual BDSM submissive who is seeking a female sex partner. I was initially surprised that she would leave such a blatantly obvious trail to her "secret" life; I then realized that she probably didn't care.

Me, I've gotten blander as I've gotten older, or so it seems; then again, it's not like anyone from my past has been trying to find me, on MySpace or otherwise.

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While I don't have any salacious hidden life, and while anyone that knows me even a little shouldn't be too surprised by anything they see on my blog, I'm still hesitant about having all those internet dots connectable. The myspace is the main link.

Posted by: Erica at 7:14 PM on 23 February 2007

I've worked diligently to make my own MySpace page as bland as possible, just in case.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:21 PM on 23 February 2007