The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

11 February 2007

If only

Laura Lemay plugs in a new drive, and she has more space than she ever dreamed of:

Total Capacity: 892.6 PB (1,004,931,217,620,206,000 bytes)

This can't be right, she reasons:

Laura: what does it mean when you plug in a disk and it says you have 900 petabytes of free space?

Eric: either the math is wrong or you've just opened up a worm hole in space.

Geeky explanation: It turns out that Maxtor drives do not jumper like the Quantum drives I've been using. I reset the jumper correctly and I got the normal .00025 PB capacity I was looking for.

Still, you have to figure that eventually we will all have drives that hold four times as much as Google's entire datacenter does today, and that shortly thereafter there will be some version of Windows which requires that much.

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