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12 February 2007

I'm not from around here, myself

You know, I might have to try this at one end of the next World Tour:

I think it would be very fun. You would go to the borders of your city and then drive in like a tourist that has never been there. You find an information place and find things that you have never seen or heard of before, or if necessary you can just go to some place that has some importance to your town. Then after a day of exploration you stay in a nearby hotel. When you wake up try to find anymore fun things to do and then go back to the borders of your town/city and drive back in as your usual self (not as a tourist).

If nothing else, it would give me an excuse to stay at the Skirvin (or maybe the Colcord).

Posted at 8:46 PM to General Disinterest

People around here do that all the time, but then those are the perks of living next to a tourist mecca.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:07 PM on 12 February 2007

When I took my wife to my birthplace of Puerto Rico for the first time we decided to mostly avoid my family and take it all in as tourists. Since I moved from there when I was six, the biggest difference alcohol.

Posted by: Joel at 10:20 AM on 13 February 2007

I'm guessing if you went to say, the OKCCVB and picked the most popular tourist attractions, yould come up with:
The Memorial
Bricktown (including Flaming Lips Alley)
The Cowboy HOF (Yeah, I know it's not called that any more)
The OKC Zoo

Those are the obvious choices, and I would probably contend the best ones. Am I wrong?

Posted by: Dan at 10:25 AM on 13 February 2007