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4 February 2007

Just when I think I've seen everything

Okay, a screen for your projection TV is no big deal, even at 90 inches diagonal.

But an inflatable screen for your projection TV: well, there's no middle ground. Either this is exactly the sort of thing you're looking for, or you wouldn't buy this in a million years even if you won the lottery and your significant other demanded that you put a home theatre system out by the pool you're supposed to put in.

I tend to lean toward the latter, if only because Woot buyers are the fastest frickin' clickers in the online shopping universe, and it took almost nine minutes to log one sale. (As of now, twelve minutes later, there's no second sale.)

Update, 10 am: It appears they've now moved four of them. Perhaps this is their way of making sure they have nothing to do while the game is on.

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They'd be selling a lot more of them were it not for the news that the NFL is cracking down on anyone showing The Big Game (tm) on anything bigger than a 55 inch diagonal screen.

Posted by: triticale at 7:21 PM on 4 February 2007

Which, of course, cuts into the ticket sales.

(Last Super Bowl not to sell out: I.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:52 PM on 4 February 2007