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13 February 2007

Never mock a Hyundai

Forbes has another one of its goofy lists, this time What Your Car Says About You — provided, of course, that your car is the sort of pricey conveyance that is most easily affordable to, well, readers of Forbes. Since they didn't venture far enough down the automotive food chain to get to what I drive, I'm filling the gap here with what my car says about me, which is simply this: at a point where I was in bad need of new wheels, I chose to buy a six-year-old luxoboat for 40 percent of its original sticker price, with the hope of getting eight to ten more years out of it.

Not everyone reacts as blandly as this. My children asked if I were suddenly acquiring a veneer of snootiness (I almost typed "snottiness," which fits equally well); a couple of people asked if this climb up a rung or two of the perceived automotive hierarchy constituted some form of therapy (perhaps it did, in some way); one reader of this site accused me of being some sort of "grown-up," perhaps the scariest prospect of all. (The American male is not unique in his desire to perpetuate adolescence, but he goes to the most trouble to see it done.) But ultimately I can no more explain my choice of vehicle to others than I could my choice of girlfriend, had I a girlfriend, which of course I don't, and this model has no particular reputation as a crumpet-collector anyway.

If I've learned anything from the experience, it's that a lot more things are negotiable than I had imagined. I am not overly fond of leather, and I absolutely despise fake wood; Gwendolyn is outfitted rather generously with both, and I shrug when people point this out.

Posted at 7:46 AM to Driver's Seat

I know what my choice of vehicle says about me to me. I have never asked anyone what they thought about my choice of vehicle.

I myself am more inclined to judge people by how they drive rather than what.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:32 PM on 13 February 2007

I don't currently have a car, but I have always been uninterested in what people think of whatever I have had to drive. I've driven some wrecks, me, but they got me where I was going. My dream car is the older Jeep Cherokee, the squarish one, four doors, luggage rack, those push-button door handles. Then again, maybe that does say something about me -- "if you want to get into my car (or my life) you're going to have to try harder than usual."

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 8:47 PM on 13 February 2007

I liked the old Cherokee: it was unpretentious, it ran on traditional bits (solid axles front and rear), and it didn't flinch at anything you threw at it. Nowadays you show someone a Jeep and they ask where the nav system goes.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:48 PM on 13 February 2007