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25 February 2007

Queen Victoria's keyboard

Keyboard mods by SteampunkI have one of the IBM Model Ms myself — manufacture date, 4 October 1990 — so I'm pretty sure that this M-based retro keyboard will be at least decently reliable. What's more, I suspect that committed typewriter fiend Andrea Harris might want one of her own after she sees this, though I hate to imagine how much it would cost to do an entire production run of these.

(Seen at Engadget; no actual typewriters were harmed in the manufacture of this keyboard, although obviously some had been dismantled beforehand by someone else.)

Posted at 9:45 AM to Entirely Too Cool

Entirely too cool, indeed. But just watch -- somebody will come out with a mass-production keyboard that does have at least some of that steampunk look to it.

Theirs won't be as cool, but it will be popular. Perhaps mainly to those who drive PT Cruisers and HHRs.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:19 AM on 25 February 2007

I really think it IS so way cool and would buy it in a heartbeat... but I will not attempt to make one because I have enough things in my life that annoy the heck out of me!

Posted by: Dr. Jan at 9:19 PM on 28 February 2007