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28 February 2007

Remote-controlled pigeons

Live ones, yet:

Scientists in eastern China say they have succeeded in controlling the flight of pigeons with micro electrodes planted in their brains, state media reported on Tuesday.

Scientists at the Robot Engineering Technology Research Centre at Shandong University of Science and Technology said the electrodes could command them to fly right or left or up or down, Xinhua news agency said: "The implants stimulate different areas of the pigeon's brain according to signals sent by the scientists via computer, and force the bird to comply with their commands."

No practical applications have yet been identified, though I think there'd be a great demand for a small hand-held device which sends the following message: "Hey! Not on my car, you airborne rodent!"

(Via Engadget.)

Posted at 9:37 AM to Dyssynergy

Oh boy ... Cant the day be far away until the Chicoms start implanting their dissidents with these "implants"? I can just see their right arms arcing up into a salute as the great leader goes by (or some kid with an RC car controller is in the vicinity)or they begin spouting some party line info fed to them by the party. Hmmmmm..... is Tony Snow Chinese?

Posted by: Ron at 5:27 PM on 28 February 2007