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24 February 2007

Scarf now

During today's supermarket sweep, I hung around the peanut-butter zone for a few extra minutes to observe. Chained to a shelf was a clipboard with a list of the recalled Peter Pan products, not all of which I remembered as actually being stocked in this store. In attendance: Smucker's All Natural; Jif (which, I assume, is Smucker's Less Than All Natural); Skippy; the inevitable store brand.

Over a three-minute period, five shoppers came by. All of them read the clipboard; three bought no peanut butter at all, though two did pick up jars; two of them bought Jif.

This is, of course, extremely unscientific, and possibly even extremely uninteresting, but hey, it's bloggable.

(Disclosure: I am a Peter Pan fan; I bought a jar of Jif.)

Posted at 8:50 PM to Worth a Fork

Let's see if you like it better. I do. Or if you can even tell any difference!

Posted by: ms7168 at 8:31 AM on 25 February 2007

Flavors are pretty similar across the board, but there is a definite textural difference. Jif is a tad chewier, at least by my reckoning; Skippy has always seemed just a little greasier. Peter Pan is pretty much in the middle of whatever spectrum you're checking.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:09 AM on 25 February 2007